“You’re a big shot now, Ken – you gotta start thinking about your brand!”

– Tatu Calamaro, trying to convince Kenshi that everyone in the Thousand Blades should have matching tattoos

Every time I go a significant amount of time without an update, I feel like I should explain myself or give everyone a heads up that the next update will be delayed. But then I get writer’s block in figuring out how to explain myself and just end up pushing that back too. Then I think to myself, “Ah well, I’ll just hunker down and make sure the next update is only delayed by a week or something, no big deal.” Next thing I know, a month’s passed and I haven’t given anyone a word on anything.

Anyway, I wasn’t sure what to write for today’s creator commentary, so I decided it would be that delayed explanation for why today’s comic was delayed. Speaking of, I should really update that image in the top right of the website that says, “Updates every Monday and Wednesday.”

– James