Those teenagers are the only ones who could possibly stop me! If only there were a way to slow them down…

– The Evil King, moments before his decree


If you’re older than 25, don’t look up the ages of the heroes in an anime/video game/fantasy series – you’ll realize how far behind you are in becoming a significant actor in world events. Best just lay low until you’re 50 or so, then you can at least be the hero’s wise mentor who dies for the sake of their character arc.


In other news, since it looks like I’ll be using these characters a bit, it’s about time to give them some names:
Feitr Sordsmann – The 15 year old swordsman in the red cape. He’s the hero, so everything he does is the right thing.
Rhog Shadoh – The 16 year old rogue in the blue hood. She used to be a baddie, but now she’s a goodie!
Pallo “Pal” ad-Din – The 22 year old paladin in the red armor. An aged warrior whose years of experience allow him to serve as the wizened mentor of the team.

– James

Updated 12/29/2020: After Feitr’s Guild spun-off into its own series, I retroactively added the extra “Character Bio” section at the bottom.