“I abolished Tiberius’ unpopular taxes, but do they call me ‘Tax Abolisher?’ No.
I built a floating bridge across the Bay of Baiae, but do they call me ‘Bridge Builder?’ No.
I executed whoever I wanted on a whim without trial, but do they call me ‘No-Trial Executioner?’ No.
But I wear ONE pair of boots…”

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus


I always found it odd how everything I read regarding Caligula briefly mentions the origin of his name but never really goes any deeper into it. “By the way, his name means ‘Little Boots’ because when he was a baby, his father’s soldiers thought he was just the cutest little thing wearing a little soldier outfit. Anyway, his reign was spent killing and raping whenever he wanted, then he got assassinated for killing and raping all the time.” I’m sorry, can we go back to why the most infamous mad ruler in history is known by his adorable nickname?

– James