“As long as there exists someone out there willing to have sex with you, you are valid.”

– a bad lesson that, for some reason, people insist on delivering

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression the sentiment, “It shouldn’t matter what you look like,” also encompassed the message, “It shouldn’t matter whether or not you’re sexually attractive to people.” Yet every time I see, say, men being insecure about their height, or women being insecure about body hair, so many “supportive” comments end up being, “Actually, short men/hairy women make me extremely horny!”

Which, OK, may help in the context of people being insecure about their sexual attractiveness, but doesn’t necessarily help in every other way people’s physical appearance affects how they’re treated.

If someone expresses the concern, “I’m worried people don’t respect me in the workplace because I’m shorter than everyone else,” the assurance, “Actually, it really turns me on whenever I pick up my partner like a baby and cradle them in my arms!” probably does very little to address the underlying issue present.

– James