“Simmons, I’m cutting your salary again! I’ll be needing the extra funds to defend myself against these Poors!”

– Barry Richman, shortly before funding a bill to cut the Poors’ government benefits

I’ve been seeing a lot of backlash to the saying, “Money can’t buy happiness,” recently – people getting really upset because they certainly have plenty of problems that can be resolved with more money, and solving those problems would absolutely make them more happy!

But this is such a blatantly bad-faith interpretation of the saying – it’s not telling you money can’t solve any of your problems, it’s just saying that if you already have a lot of money and you’re still unhappy, more money won’t change that. I don’t know, this lesson just seems to obvious to me that I don’t want to dwell on explaining it further, but maybe I should? Because every time the internet talks about how “stupid” this saying is, nobody even attempts to defend it! Yeah, I get that if you’re poor or having money issues, it’s not the best piece of advice to hear at the moment, but that’s just a problem with context and audience, not the saying itself.

And considering how many incredibly rich people we’ve seen make utter fools of themselves lately, the saying, “Money can’t buy happiness,” is as relevant as it’s ever been. Because I gotta tell you, if Elon Musk was actually happy with all his riches, I’m sure he would not be so desperate to have teenagers on the internet think he’s cool.

– James