There’s ONE road. Where else would you go?”

– Byers and Sellars ad slogan

Merchants often give special exception to adventurers when it comes to what kind of goods they’re willing to trade in. No matter what sort of rubbish an adventurer may have looted from their latest dungeon raid, most merchants are willing to pay at least a few coins to take it off their hands. After all, for every overzealous tombraider, there’s bound to be some traveling alchemist or craftsman-in-training just around the corner, willing to clear out that merchant’s entire stock in order to practice their trade.

The problem, of course, comes with keeping those goods secure in between adventurers’ visits. If one’s shop happens to be located in a central questing hub, there should be plenty of heroes and mercenaries abound to defend their local pawnbroker. But a nowhere, low-level region like the One Road Valley? Some adventurers are more likely to see such a shop as a mini-dungeon to raid rather than a trade opportunity.

– James