Complaints Department? Who told you we had one of those?

– The Complaints Department


An Australian news crew was attacked by DC police officers live on air while covering the George Floyd protests and Swiss journalists have reported being shot at by Minneapolis police with rubber bullets. When Australia demanded an investigation into matter, my immediate thought was “Yeah, good luck with that.” Reporters, domestic and international, have repeatedly been targeted with police violence while covering these protests and I can’t help but wonder if this attention makes any difference to the police officers deployed to these scenes.

If the police can’t even rein in police brutality against their own citizens during an anti-police brutality protest, I don’t see how they would do anything more for these foreigners trying to tell them how to do their jobs.

If you would like to find ways to contribute to the protests and their cause, please visit, which provides links to donation pages as well as other useful information for protestors and allies.

– James