“Aw man, no one wants to read my fantasy novel about how mountains are actually ancient trees! But what if I stopped marketing it as fantasy…?”

– my conspiracy theory of how the “Forests are Fake” conspiracy theory actually started

A stray thought: I’ve noticed a number of people have this reflexive push back against the idea that most conspiracy theories inevitably lead to the antisemitic conclusion, “the Jews were behind it!” Like, people have a nostalgia for their enjoyment of conspiracy theories in the same way they have nostalgia for a childhood book or TV show they enjoyed – and the idea that this thing that used to bring them joy actually has incredibly sinister undertones makes them very uncomfortable.

But conspiracy theories aren’t entertainment – the people who craft them aren’t creating fictional stories out of whimsy – they’re genuine beliefs being put forth by their proponents to explain reality. So, in retrospect, it feels kinda weird that we “enjoy” conspiracy theories like they’re some sort of novelty; as if their existence has no other impact on the world outside of being another fun tale to add to the collective unconscious.

Though I suppose I’m one to talk, as an atheist who considers himself a “fan of the Bible.”

– James