“It would be cool if the guy outside was also the tattoo artist. Well, he would probably have a bunch of different tattoos of his own, too. Ooh, and he could be, like, squid-themed, because ink!”

– Me, before over-designing what was originally some generic bandit guard standing at the door

Between Tatu’s tattoos and Coroco’s hairstyle, I realized partway through this page that I made two of the most frustrating character designs for me to draw. I originally intended on decking out Tatu’s entire body in ink, but once I remembered I’ll have to keep drawing him a bit longer, I went and scaled back a bit.

And hopefully it comes through clearly, but Coroco’s hair is supposed to be along the lines of “cornrows but, like, crocodile spikes” and I’m starting to think his design is going to end up devolving into “generic green spiky hair” if I don’t have the patience/skill to get the rows lined up properly at different perspectives.

Oh well, now you guys know what they’re supposed to look like, so if I don’t keep on-model later on, you can just imagine that I did.

– James