“Great, I can use this opportunity to win some souls over to my side!”

– The Goddess of Medicine and Scientific Knowledge, shortly before rolling a 1

For clarification, Gax Yg-Y’Gar is the Creator God of the planet that Feitr’s Guild takes place on and would be the closest thing to being the God of this world. Essentially, they created the world and its laws, allowing the Lesser Gods (whose power is dependent on how many souls pledge their worship to them) to “play” with the world and the lives on it, while Gax acts as the arbiter of their actions. On another note, has anyone figured out how to make DnD into a casino game? The gamer in me hates the idea of shamelessly monetizing fun in this way, but the capitalist in me is very keenly aware of how much expendable income these people are willing to shell out.

Also, some behind-the-scenes info: I now have an idea of what the overarching storyline of Feitr’s Guild is! Not to suggest I’m shifting this series over to a serialized format now – it will still be an overwhelmingly episodic joke series – but every now and then I might sprinkle in some plot development as a little how-do-you-do.

– James