“The Central Intelligence Agency acknowledges [REDACTED] for their excellent work and outstanding [REDACTED] in [REDACTED] for the month of [REDACTED] in the year [REDACTED].”

– federal documents received by FOIA request

You know, I always get a little excited when I come up with these simple 1-panel comics – “I can knock that out in like, 5 minutes! Just type ‘CIA Employee of the Month,’ draw a basic picture frame, then copy-and-paste 12 times!”

And that’s exactly what I did, but then I felt guilty for some reason. Like I barely put any more effort into this than one would a basic meme. So I hand drew the CIA logo, handwrote all the months, and added a couple nondescript people in the foreground just to assuage my unfounded guilt.

Why did I do this? Why am I giving myself more work? The joke’s not better because I wrote all the months by hand. The New Yorker gets by with just black-and-white and basic line art. This would have been a great New Yorker comic.

– James