“Dude, you gotta check out these 10 1-hour long videos speculating on what the season 5 cliffhanger means!”

– YouTube, rappelling in from the ceiling

So I just finished binging all 3 seasons of Succession within a few days (it’s good, by the way). Mind you, I didn’t want to binge all the episodes back-to-back like that, but I was in a race with all the Succession spoilers that were just eager to jump out at me from every angle as soon as I started watching. There’s probably a whole bunch of Baader-Meinhof phenomenon going on here – before having any knowledge of Succession, any time someone would reference Kendall Roy or any other members of that family, I’d just think “I don’t get that reference” and forget whatever context that comment came in. So once I become familiar with the characters, as soon as anybody drops a reference then I have to immediately put a mental block on the rest of the conversation lest their allusion hint at any sort of character development coming in the future.

This is a recurring thing with my media consumption – I’m not much of a “watch it as it unfolds” kind of viewer; I usually prefer waiting for things to age for a bit so the general consensus can let me know if it’s worth investing my time into.

– James