“Good thing that explosion missed all my vital organs!”

– the last three times someone “died” in an explosion, one of which was how Umberto lost his eye

I’ve been enjoying a series that is notorious for fake out deaths (avoiding the name for spoilers, but if you’ve seen it, you probably know what I’m talking about) until they just decided recently that people are allowed to die now. Which annoyed me, because the first guy it happened to had such a badass death scene and I cared nothing for it. Because I didn’t believe it happened. And not in a fun “I can’t believe they just killed him off!” way, but in a, “Yeah right, he’s gonna pop back up in a few episodes with a couple bandages, and be like ‘Good thing that explosion missed all my vital organs!'” way.

Even worse, fake out deaths still keep happening! So now I have no idea how I’m supposed to feel when someone “dies.” Whenever a death scene happens, I gotta stick that person in a Schrodinger’s position of simultaneously dead and alive until the end of the arc has a scene like, “And now let’s acknowledge all the friends we, definitely-absolutely-for-sure, lost this season. Yep, wasn’t it sad when they died and you knew they were dead and never coming back?”

– James