“At our company, we guarantee every single job application we receive is evaluated by a real person, and won’t just be left in an unread pile of mail! That way, when yours ends up in the garbage, you can rest assured that it absolutely belongs in there!”

– a preferable(?) alternative to a simple “Received” message

I understand that past job seekers must have found it frustrating to never hear back from the countless companies they would send job applications out to – but for some reason the insistence from every company I apply to that, “No, seriously, we’re definitely reading your resume!” doesn’t make me feel much better when it doesn’t result in employment at the end of the day. You know, somehow I’ve come to the conclusion that most people’s frustrations with the job search process has less to do with the search itself and more to do with the fact they’re searching for a job in the first place.

– James