“Removed: Glowing visual effect from XP gain”

– Gax Yg-Y’Gar’s changelog after complaints that the XP effects were too obnoxious

Out of one story arc and headed right into another – this could very well have been “Prologue, Part 4” with the next entries following suit, but I figure shifting to a different perspective character warrants a different arc name. Also, I can use this naming convention to retroactively name this arc “Origins: Feitr” in case I do an “Origins” arc for any other characters (like how the X-Men films were originally going to have an Origins: Wolverine and an Origins: Magneto before eventually changing the latter into First Class).

And now, time for my tell-don’t-show lore dump: the XP/level-up system only applies to Chosen Ones and anyone recruited into their party. This system effectively accelerates a Chosen One’s growth in skills and strength – what would typically take a normal person months or years to achieve, a Chosen One can achieve in a fraction of the time, dependent on how many battles they win or how many quests they complete (the natures of which are dependent on the values their patron deity represents). They also experience a bit of a dopamine boost every time they perform an action that rewards them with XP, to reinforce whatever behavior fits into the ideals of their patron deity.

– James