“Oi, you got a pillagin’ license, mate?”

– A guard questioning someone on their Brigand certification


Fire Emblem: Three Houses is definitely the game I’ve sunk the most hours into this past year and I’m considering a 6th playthrough with a “black-ops assassin” theme for my team this go around. Ferdinand Von Aegir, being one of my favorite characters and having his ability that boosts his avoidance rate when at full health, felt like a shoe-in for recruitment in my team of sneaky assassins.

However, I’m also one of those nerds that likes to roleplay and maintain some semblance of narrative consistency in his gameplay, and I cannot headcanon a scenario where someone as boisterous  as Ferdinand could pull off a stealth mission without announcing his own presence. So this is my in-universe explanation for why Ferdinand has to be benched for my Black Eagle Assassination Force playthrough.

– James