“While there have been a number of fantastic tales regarding inorganic materials being produced by plant life, modern studies of magical principles do not support such phenomena as being possible. It is commonly believed within magical academia that such stories stem from observations of the “Mimic” plant, which employs a form of camouflage to resemble valuable artificial items – such as item containers or suits of armor – in order to entice prey. There are also instances of certain nature-worshipping cultures utilizing living plant life as containers for their valuables. It is possible that visitors unfamiliar with this practice may have presumed the valuables were grown and produced within the plants, as opposed to being inserted by another party.”

– report from The Capital Academy of All-Magicks and All-Sciences, “Item Seeds: Fact or Fiction?”

I try to avoid making “talking head” comics, where it’s just a bunch of heads on a flat plane talking to each other – I usually find that kind of composition lazy and uninteresting to look at. So when it comes to these dialogue-heavy scenes, I try to give the characters more interesting poses and dynamic angles to portray them from. It feels like a good idea when I first come up with the visuals in the drafting stage, but I usually come to regret it when I’m up at 3AM the day the comic’s due, still redrawing Ritty’s entire body because I realized too late that I have no idea what a man sitting on the ground looks like. Please don’t pay too much attention to his knees.

– James