“We hope to continue bringing you excellent service with our new Humanity+ Beyond series – featuring space-faring and renewable energy production capabilities! Please note, further generations of Humans will no longer be compatible with Earth, so please look forward to future updates on our upcoming Intergalactic platform!”

– last update on the Humans development newsletter, about two centuries ago

Designing gods has become a bit of an artistic side-hobby for me, but I was really having trouble figuring out what kind of deity to partner my Judeo-Christian-inspired God with in this one. I’m generally averse to the “old man with a beard” aesthetic (also felt the gods should be visually distinct from the humans here) and I would prefer to save some of my more “out there” depictions of gods for Feitr’s Guild entries in the future. So I ended up designing this starry fella here, inspired by the Galaxy Brain meme. And I quite like them, actually. So maybe I’ll end up recycling them for Feitr’s Guild too.

– James