“You often find yourself at odds with Yellow Boxers unless a Green Boxer is present to act as a mediator. You may find Purple Boxers to be fun and exciting company, but for long term compatibility, you’re more likely to find happiness with a Brown Boxer.”

– typical advice for an Orange Boxer

Between this comic, Unfinished Business, and Bear a Jape, I’ve been taking the opportunity to revisit some recurring subjects and compile them into their own little collections. This collection with the aliens and their pet humans will officially be entitled: Man’s Best Friend.

Also, I just realized while looking back on the previous comics that I didn’t actually write down my reason for some of these guys having 3 fingers and others having 5. The social hierarchy of this alien society was historically finger-based – the three-fingered folks are more commonly laborers and working class, while those with five-fingers tend to be wealthier and of higher status. While strict enforcement of the finger-based class system has long since become a thing of the past, its historical impact still resonates in modern times and finger-based discrimination still persists among certain populations.

Anyway, that’s why this green fella’s got the income to raise 4 humans and casually drop 800 Moneys on some toys they’ll never use.

– James