“How could anybody possibly like X?”
“I like X because of A, B, and C.”
“But I don’t like A, B, and C!”

– too many internet conversations

I won’t deny that there are some people who have a genuine interest in figuring out why certain things appeal to some people and not others – I would like to believe I am often one of those people.

But whenever I see people say things like, “How are people not tired of superhero movies yet?” or “What even is the appeal of Tik Tok?” it’s rarely with any sincere intention of actually listening to the people who enjoy these things. It’s always a rhetorical question intended to attract like-minded people who also hate superhero films or Tik Tok. Sure, sometimes they’ll play along if anyone does give a reason for why they enjoy these things, but their responses are typically something like, “But I don’t like those things!” or “But this thing doesn’t meet my standards for those things!” Ultimately, this conversation leads invariably to: “Because some people like different things than you.”

For some reason, that’s just never a satisfying answer to anyone.

– James