“If I hear you pronounce it with a ‘j’ sound, I’m going to assume you’re talking about the peanut butter.”

– a fucking liar, because no you’re not, why do you have to pretend to be a simpleton just to make the stupidest fucking argument?

– Me, getting too upset over this entire situation


Tom Scott made a video about the pronunciation of GIF that essentially said that both pronunciations are perfectly valid. Yet all the discussion surrounding it still devolved into arguments over “correct” pronunciation. I don’t understand why this argument needs to be so heated and why everyone keeps having to make false arguments of rules of English that don’t actually exist. We don’t see this sort of vitriol whenever someone says the word “route” – when someone says “root”  people don’t say “durr, I don’t see any plants anywhere!” and when they say “rout” no one goes “Oh, you mean a disorderly retreat of defeated troops? Because that’s what that word means, you’re pronouncing it wrong!” Can’t people just be honest and say they prefer one pronunciation over the other? Just like, you know, subjectively?

For the record, I say “if” to myself but use the hard ‘g’ in public, because you guys can’t stay on topic.

– James