– Me, after writing Ian’s character bio

I never intended for Feitr’s Guild to have any sort of overarching plot, but you can consider this the conclusion to an incidental trilogy with Phil the Druid and Saving For Later. And Good Boy Points precedes all of them.

In response to Saving For Later, a lot of people suggested Feitr should just use Goddess’ Blessing at that point because the spell would be recovered after they rested in town. To that, I offer these possibilities: A) Feitr does use Goddess’ Blessing and the party gets in this situation again because the dragon has a second phase to their battle that they were woefully unprepared for, or B) Feitr has had bad experiences with quests that are triggered by a rest at an inn that don’t allow you to recover your health and spells – he’s prepared to save Goddess Blessing for such a situation, but probably would still save it for even later anyway.

Regardless, I’m just operating on Rule of Funny here, I just want you all to know that I’m perfectly capable of retconning rationality into my dumb stories and I’m not afraid to do it!

– James