“There was a tiger in the background of the last episode! Obviously, that’s foreshadowing that Angry Tiger is still alive and he’s going to return this season!”

– Some very deluded Angry Tiger fans, several seasons after he was killed off

It’s a very common occurrence for GMs of D&D campaigns to spend hours meticulously crafting backstories for every single NPC their players might come across, only for the players to ignore or murder those NPCs before ever getting to know them. I feel like this is exactly what is happening when stories include some minor villain-of-the-arc who acts as nothing but the latest obstacle to the hero – only for that villain to die and begin divulging their entire backstory for the remainder of the episode. Then that character immediately returns to irrelevancy since nothing in that backstory has any relevance to the plot at all. I mean, I get why authors do that, it’s the same reason why I include the little “Character Bio” section after each Feitr’s Guild.

Speaking of, since I’ll probably never get the chance to use them outside of this punchline again, these are the Five Sages of Grief:
Denying Cassowary
Angry Tiger
Bargaining Octopus
Depressed Wolverine
Accepting Crocodile

– James