“Also, ‘sugar’ was something people used for sweetening food back then. Like a healthier version of lead.”

– Dani, vaguely recalling more of Granny’s stories

My gripe with the “when life gives you lemons” saying is that lemons aren’t, and have never been, considered a bad thing. Sure, not everyone likes sour fruits, but they can be used to improve most recipes, can be sweetened for a beverage or dessert, provide vitamin C, smell nice, look nice, and can even be used for cleaning things! This saying has absolutely no bearing as advice to anyone dealt a bad hand in life – at worst lemons are just something you don’t really need right now, but at best they’re an extremely useful and versatile fruit.

Man, this was just supposed to be a fun little comic about a post-apocalypse, but the more I’m going on about it, the more I’m legitimately mad about this platitude.

– James