“But you should also remember that sometimes your body’s just a lazy little shit who will lie to you about how it can’t do anything.”

– An addendum to this advice

I’ve found no way to express the thought: “I already have a healthy lifestyle and still feel tired all the time; stop telling me to drink more water” without sounding bitter or overly defensive, so I’ll just express it this way. There’s also no way I could prove to strangers on the internet that I’m generally fit and healthy without looking vain and sounding like I’m bragging, so I’ll just ask that you trust me on that account.

All that out of the way, I’m tired, and I feel like there are some people in this world for whom that is the mean they will always revert to in the long run. Granted, I’m sure I would feel even worse if I weren’t as in-shape as I am, but I am still tired. Please stop telling me to drink more water.

– James