“Aren’t you supposed to be the rogue here? This is Roguing 101!”

– Feitr, lecturing Rhog on the fundamentals of dungeon looting

The first Feitr’s Guild (and the second comic I ever made) came out almost 4 years and one month ago and I wanted to celebrate by returning to some good old Feitr and Rhog bonding adventures. I would have finished and released this on the actual 4 year anniversary of Feitr’s Guild, but I procrastinated for a month because I’m a bad content creator.

In other news, I’ve been replaying Elden Ring for about the 5th time recently (see: the aforementioned procrastination) and even though at this point I already know which equipment I actually want for my current character and where to get them, I still can’t stop myself from trying to collect every piece of useless loot in whatever area I’m going through. I mean, I know my character is a melee swordfighter who doesn’t need anything from the magical Raya Lucaria Academy, but he doesn’t know that! He would scavenge every inch of that place on the off chance something cool is just around the corner (it’s not, it’s just another Crystal Bud).

Did I mention my most recent Elden Ring character is based on Feitr Sordsmann? So technically, I’m doing research.

– James