“Whoops! I was supposed to submit Geta’s name into the ‘Honor and memorialize his life for posterity’ file, but I accidentally sent it into the ‘Eliminate all records and depictions of this person‘ file instead! Boy, I sure am a klutz!”

– Caracalla, in the next episode of “Everybody Must Love Caracalla”

As far as terrible Roman emperors go, I feel like Caracalla deserves a bit more recognition alongside fellow bad Emperors like Caligula and Nero. I took some liberties with the timeline and characterization (especially with Geta, who – as I mentioned above – had almost his entire existence erased by order of Caracalla) but a lot of the events in today’s comic did occur – the brothers divided the Imperial Palace in half, they considered splitting the entire Roman Empire in half until their mother convinced them otherwise, and a peace negotiation organized by their mother ended with Geta dying in Julia Domna’s arms after being stabbed by a Praetorian Guard during the meeting (Caracalla’s ordering the assassination is only speculated, but come on).

Anyway, here are a couple bonus mini-comics:
Caracalla thinks you’re laughing at him at the gym
Geta skips football practice to write in his journal

– James