“You know what would be fun? To give every single character that shows up in this series an elaborate backstory and forcing it all into a couple of short sentences. Just as a nice little bonus for anyone interested.”

– Me, giving myself an few hours of extra work every time I make one of these

Hey, I figured out what I wanted to do with the non-descript brown-haired Blade from 3 pages ago!

On another note, one of the first ideas I had when I came up with Kenshi’s character was a running gag that he would have a completely different set of swords equipped every time he made an appearance. That idea lasted all of one page for him, when I realized I have neither the endless creativity, nor the patience, to both come up with and draw at least 5 unique swords for this guy every time he shows up! But, like, it would have been cool if I did do that, right? I still get credit for having a cool idea, right?

– James