Just a quick minicomic, I could just copy and paste screenshots of the trailer to save time.

– Me, before spending hours failing to replicate Pokemon Cafe Mix’s art style


Special Thursday update, because I don’t want to reschedule next week’s planned comics and I don’t think this will be relevant for very long.

Pokemon Sword & Shield was the first generation of Pokemon that I decided to skip and I really felt like that marked the beginning of the franchise no longer having a major spot in my pop culture diet. I’m not as bitter about it as I know a lot of the fandom is, after all we’re talking about literally the biggest franchise in the world – I figured it was a matter of time before their focus on widespread appeal and attracting a new generation of fans came at the detriment of what the “hardcore gamer” (a term I don’t much care for, but can’t think of an alternative) crowd wanted out of the games.

In that context, it makes complete sense that the sequel to Pokemon Snap is coming out now – it’s got the nostalgia factor for the fans of the original N64 release and it already had a very casual-friendly premise. I’m not holding out hope that the next generation of the main Pokemon titles will appeal more to fans like me, but I wouldn’t be completely dissatisfied with peripheral games like New Pokemon Snap coming out every now and then.

– James