“Uh, because how else am I supposed to earn Friendship Points with the merchant? Come on, Pal, you can’t steal friendship!”

– Feitr’s response to, “Why wouldn’t you just steal the money in the first place?”

I find it amusing whenever I stumble upon a “Tips and Tricks” guide to open-world games and their advice basically amounts to, “If you steal from/murder this character who has done absolutely no wrong to you, you get to take their stuff for free!” I mean, yes, Uthgerd does have a full set of steel plate armor from the get-go, but murdering her in cold blood and robbing her corpse doesn’t really strike me as a “clever trick.”
Doing some weekly Feitr’s Guilds for a bit to get through a backlog of non-Origins ideas I’ve had for it. Also wanted to re-establish the group dynamic of the titular guild itself, especially regarding Feitr and Rhog’s high-five at the end. I thought it would be nice to show that the guild members actually do enjoy each other’s company at times, albeit at Pallo’s expense in this particular instance.

– James