“He’s always going on about swords and killing – I’m sure he’ll be thrilled with my newest gift for him!”

– The Fair Lady, designing the Goddess’ Ultimate Blade

The Origins arc isn’t over yet, by the way, I just felt like there should be a breather episode after so many plot-heavy prequel entries. Hope there aren’t too many of you who are on-edge waiting to find out what happens to Paetr Sordsmann.

Related to the overpowered-but-limited items is the just-straight-up-overpowered items that don’t really have any downside other than being a pain to unlock (or buy, nowadays). Your “Knights of the Round,” “BFGs,” “Mewtwos (or most of the Legendary Pokemon, really),” and so on – either you receive these things so late in the game there’s nothing to use them on, or you receive them early enough that there’s plenty to use them on but they kinda trivialize every other encounter.

I know there are plenty of people who actually like playing around with overpowered items/spells/weapons, but for me they’re more trophies than they are actual things to use in-game. Yeah, I’ll play around a bit after getting them, but then I usually revert to whatever might be the second-best weapon to preserve some semblance of challenge in the gameplay.

– James