“Ho there, traveler! No trip to the One Road Valley can be complete without having a taste of Sordsmann Farm’s one-of-a-kind turnips! But darn it, those dang rats have gotten into our crops again! Say, if you can help me with my little pest problem, I sure would be grateful! And there might just be a reward in it for ya!”

[New Quest: Slay 10 rats in the One Road Valley]

Those Dang Rats! (quest given by Farmer Sordsmann)

It is considered both good etiquette, and good survival strategy, to always have some sort of menial task and compensation on hand to offer any wandering adventurer who comes across your home. Adventurers can be fickle and easy to provoke, but a satisfying quest and reward exchange can help mitigate the dangers they present to the average person.

– James