“Chosen Ones are an often underrepresented factor in accounting for the inequalities between large cities and rural towns/villages. While the celebrity of a hero can greatly improve a local economy due to increased questing activity, this also comes with an increase in monstrous and villainous activity – which smaller communities may be insufficiently hardened against. If the Chosen One’s hometown can survive long enough for the hero’s coming-of-age, it will likely see the long-term benefits of divine protection. Otherwise, it may be doomed to be the setting of a hero’s tragic backstory.”

– report from The Capital Academy of All-Magicks and All-Sciences, “On the Economic Impact of a Chosen One Upon Their Hometown”

Did you know that on March 12, 1951, two completely different comics, both titled “Dennis the Menace,” just happened to premiere on the same day, despite neither series creators having anything to do with each other? That’s, uh… what Randal the Rascal is supposed to be a reference to. I just thought it was a fun bit of trivia.

– James