“Patina refers to more than just the green or brown film that forms on aged items, it can also refer to the compounding growth of magical power within enchanted items. Enchantments, much like fine wine, often improve with age – it is much easier to craft an enchantment that slowly grows more powerful over time than it is to craft one that is extremely powerful from its inception. The similarity in names has also lead many to falsely conflate an artifact’s physical patina (i.e. the green or brown residue, or the simple wear and tear of age) with the artifact’s magical patina, giving rise to the misconception that cleaning or polishing ancient artifacts diminishes their power.”

– report from The Capital Academy of All-Magicks and All-Sciences, “Patina: Craft the Most Powerful Enchantments Using This One Neat Trick!”

The Baron doesn’t know what intern credits are used for yet, he just read in a management book that subordinates are willing to work harder if they’re given a reward incentive. That management book, by the way, was The Baron’s Big Book of Management, which he had ghostwritten by a necromancer channeling the ghost of an ancient goblin warchief.

– James