“Introducing: Magical Shield Amulets! All the defensive properties of magical bikini armor without the weird fetish-y parts!”

– the business that opens up immediately after somebody invents “justified” bikini armor

I’m not the biggest fan of the “bikini armor” aesthetic in fantasy settings, but I can at least respect creators that defend its use with, “I don’t care if it’s impractical, I just think it looks cool/sexy.” So I kinda roll my eyes when I see other fans of the trope defend it with, “Um, actually, there’s a perfectly legitimate, non-horny reason, for why these women would fight in their underwear!”


Feitr’s Guild Origins ended up taking a lot longer than I originally thought it would, but that doesn’t mean I stopped coming up with ideas for these simpler Feitr’s Guild comics – I just wasn’t sure when I should sprinkle them in. Since Feitr’s Guild’s schedule is typically every two weeks, I didn’t like the idea of releasing these simpler comics on that schedule, since it would essentially put off the Origins plot by a month, so I guess I’ll slip these in during the week between Origins entries. The series has been getting dangerously close to making Paetr Sordsmann the main character, so I thought I was due to return the focus to one of the titular guild members for a bit.

– James