“Running low on health? If you drink a red health potion, you can recover 10 HP! Wow!”

– Phil’s Helpful Gameplay Tips


Phil the Druid is every character in a video game you refuse to use – he’s useless at his early levels, not especially useful leveled up, has an incredibly annoying character arc where he starts off insufferable and eventually develops into “almost bearable,” and he’s the only character without a professional voice actor, so sitting through his dialogue is just a horrid experience. Every guide on how to use Phil starts with “If you want a challenge…”

Technically, he does get access to the most powerful class in the game, but unlocking it requires an 8-hour sidequest that he spends the entirety of crying and peeing his pants in fear. And you can’t even use the class until the final dungeon.

– James

Author’s Announcement

You may have noticed the little “Feitr’s Guild” title at the top of today’s comic – that’s because I’ve decided to launch a spin-off comic of Feitr and his adventures, with updates every fortnight (two weeks) on Wednesdays. I’ve also retroactively updated previous Feitr’s Guild entries with the title, slightly changed their watermarks, and updated the text on Feitr’s Guild #2 (I wasn’t satisfied with my penmanship on that one). These comics are still going to be uploaded to But a Jape for the time being but will also be collected in their own separate series for those of you who are really only interested in those comics (I won’t hold it against you). I’m not too experienced a web developer yet, so right now my website’s Feitr’s Guild section is just the archive page limited to only those comics, but I’ll learn how to make this website more elegant in time!

Meanwhile, I’ve made Feitr’s Guild into its own separate series on Tapas and Webtoon, so you can subscribe on either of those platforms if you’d prefer. They also include bonus Character Bio content after each comic (like what’s included with Phil above) so it’s not just the same thing you’re getting on But a Jape. I’ll be including those bios here on my website as well, eventually, but right now I’m getting pretty lazy.

– James