“The foolish hate the crow, for the crow exposes their foolishness.
The sinful fear the crow, for the crow bears witness to their sin.
The wise trust the crow, for the crow knows what they do not.
The good follow the crow, for the crow leads to the Truth.”

– The Word, religious text of the God of Truth

Many mortals see crows as omens of ill fortune – likely because they are a discomforting reminder of their own mortality – and so they are generally averse to their presence. But the Order of Truth preaches this behavior as foolish: crows are not bringers of death, they are simply drawn to those who have already died. It is then their duty to take apart the now soulless body and return it to the world – this, the Order teaches, is the Ultimate Truth of mortality. When one understands, and embraces, their finite time on this plane and knows that their body is never truly their own, they are that much closer to deriving the wisdom of The Truth.

As such, some argue that anything crows are drawn to must have some underlying value of The Truth in order to be worthy of their attention. There is no shortage of Prosperity Preachers who use this logic to justify the accumulation of those shiny gold coins crows are so fascinated with.

– James