“Don’t point your finger when giving directions; three more are pointing backwards and you’ll make them go the wrong way.”

– a very sound and logical piece of advice

I’ve hated this saying ever since I was in, like, second grade when I first heard a teacher say this to discourage us from pointing. I immediately extended my entire hand in response (not to her, of course, I was a good and cowardly boy). I don’t know why I still hear people say this; this rebuke just seems so obvious to me.

Also, I don’t much care for the underlying message: “Don’t criticize others, because being critical says more about you than it does about them!” It’s the same sentiment as, “If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything,” which is really just an excuse to tell kids to stop being little shits, but ultimately has little to no application for responsible adult life.

– James