“Dammit, I forgot to put the groceries in the fridge!”

– Me, ten hours after thinking I had nothing else to do

Sunday typically ends up being my “chore day” of the week – not that it’s planned as such, but it’s usually the result of my putting off a lot of smaller chores throughout the week until they all get backed up into Sunday. On such days, I will typically sleep well into the afternoon, wake up not looking forward to everything I need to do that day, then spend the rest of the day sporadically doing chores in between sessions of lazing about/enjoying some form of entertainment. Then I’ll leave off one or two chores at the end of the day after realizing that the idea of a “beginning” and “end” to a week are completely arbitrary, so there’s really nothing requiring everything be done before Monday morning. And thus, the cycle repeats into the next week.

But on very rare – but very fortunate – occasions, my body will find itself waking up at an otherwise reasonable time of 7:00 AM on a Sunday morning. Even rarer, my body will then have the energy to actually leave the bed immediately after waking up, granting me an additional 5-6 hours to my day. And even rarerer, I manage to get all those chores done back-to-back with little-to-no procrastination in between. Turns out, all those little things that would only take you 15-30 minutes to do a day can actually all be done in a few hours within one day! Transitive Property is crazy like that.

– James