“God will never give you more than you can handle. Also, there are children in Africa who would be grateful to have everything you’re not handling right now! Unless you happen to be one of those children in Africa – in which case, you’ve barely touched your impending climate crisis! Here, have some more!”

– Everything

Contrary to today’s comic, I’m actually not too pessimistic about the outlook on the monkeypox outbreaks – it’s not as contagious as, say, COVID, for example, and our governments do seem to be treating it as a serious threat, so hopefully that means it’ll be managed in time. And there is a possibility that the supposedly looming recession may not be as imminent as people believe, or if it is, might not be as disastrous as previous ones have been. Also, Ukraine’s still holding out against Russia, so there’s that too.

Maybe I’m just looking at my comic again and thinking, “Man, did I really just make another doomer comic with an overabundance of labels?” and the contrarian in me is pushing back with some optimism.

Then again, even the optimist in me doesn’t have a rebuttal to that whole climate crisis thing.

– James