“Ah yes, I have thoroughly owned this redditor that I disagree with.”

– the people who send these messages, maybe? I don’t actually know what they think they’re accomplishing here

For those of you who don’t know, Reddit’s got this nifty little “Reddit Cares” feature, where you can send a message to a fellow user providing them with information on various mental health resources, especially if they may be at risk for self harm. Redditors being Redditors, this feature very quickly became a means of communicating to people you don’t like: “You need mental help,” or even, “I think you should commit self harm for that opinion you shared.”

Anyway, this specific comic is very outdated since I learned about this little practice quite some time ago. But the first time it happened to me, I genuinely believed it must have been sent by either some poorly-implemented comment bot or even someone who sincerely took a self-deprecating comment on my part as a genuine cause for concern.

It actually did take me a while to realize why I would randomly get these messages – it didn’t help that they didn’t always correspond with my most controversial comic postings, so I couldn’t really pick up on a pattern there. In fact, once I learned why I would sometimes receive these messages, I was genuinely surprised I hadn’t received more of them during my tenure on Reddit. Hearing from other users, it seems like everyone’s getting Reddit Cares messages for any slightly controversial viewpoint, whereas I’m making full-on comics with my spicy opinions (or even just humor that other people don’t enjoy) but will only get one or two messages every year or so.

Any-anyways, I decided to hold off on making this comic until the next time I received a Reddit Cares message, which again, I’m surprised took me so long to get another one. Though I wouldn’t say I’m too surprised at which comic turned out to get me another of these.

– James