“Hm, ‘King Kringle?’ No, Kris Kirin is already based on ‘Kris Kringle.’ Eh, I’ll just add an ‘r’ to the end.”

– Me, realizing how far I’d have to stretch to continue making names based on Santa puns

If you’ve noticed that the SCA students in this chapter are completely different from the ones on the cover, it’s because I realized I can only draw so many different variations on the standardized Santa appearance and none of them ended up as interesting as Niko, Klaus, or Kringler. I would have updated the cover to reflect the new students, but I just wasn’t feeling like it, I still had 7 more chapters to make!

Anyway, in case some of you were wondering if Myron is some sort of reference to an obscure Christmas figure, not really. Myron Snow’s name comes from Myra (i.e. Saint Nicholas of Myra) and snow (i.e. the substance made up of loosely arranged ice crystals). Then I just took Elrond and made him more Christmas-y. I tried researching if anyone canonized any names for Santa Claus’ elf helpers but had no luck, so I made up my own.

– James