– What Kris Kirin is yelling near the end

Well, that was a trip. The decision to make my first Christmas special comic into a multi-part series ended up requiring me to work on my comics almost every day from the beginning of November to the 21st of December. And even then I didn’t manage to get most of the ideas I had into the story. Hell, I skipped practically all of the Santa Claus Academy arc by the second chapter – and that’s the namesake of the series! Maybe I’ll revisit this series again in the future, but not as a sequel, there’s a whole bunch of stuff in between the existing chapters that still need filling in. Belsnickel never even got her chance to look like a badass before San Niko’s power scaling rendered her irrelevant.

Anyway, to clarify things for this chapter specifically: San Niko’s Saint form is powerful enough to repair the damage Klaus’ machine has done to Aurora Borealis. That’s what’s going on with his aurora hat extending into the sky at the end. And if there ever is a continuation of this story, it’s also the explanation for where all his God-mode power went so he doesn’t just steamroll every future threat.

– James