“I’m sorry, is ‘Lesser God’ appropriate? Do you prefer ‘Minor Deity?’ ‘Lower Divines?'”

– Gax Yg-Y’Gar, trying to make an effort

Something that often bothers me regarding gag-a-day comics with recurring characters is that they have a tendency to transition to a serial format with story arcs and characters development. Gone is the simple charm of viewing the lives of these characters through amusing vignettes – no, this creator’s not just a simple comedian, they’re a writer and they’ve got some ideas to prove it! Forget about simply tuning in at any entry and enjoying a fun scene without context, you’ve got past events and consistent characterization to keep track of! Except before, the comic was going along perfectly well by mocking the narrative conventions of the genre it satirized, but now it’s no longer satirizing those stories, it’s just telling those stories.

All that said, consider this the official start of my attempt to shift Feitr’s Guild to a more serialized format – complete with exposition-laden prologue and all! It was actually supposed to begin with the previous Feitr’s Guild entry – transitioning from “Tragic Backstory/Backstories” to “Tragic Prologue,” “Tragic Origins,” and etc. But then I realized I didn’t know if I could come up with enough synonyms of the word “Beginnings” for as many pages as this arc will take. Also, I figured #30 would be a nicer, rounder number to officially start off this arc, so I put out “Combat Commentary” as #29 instead. But yeah, this will either mark where Feitr’s Guild really hits its stride or where it jumps the shark. If it hasn’t already been orbiting the shark this entire time anyway (I’m sure that’s a sensible way to stretch that metaphor).

– James