“Ha ha… yaaaay… comedyyy…”

– Me, writing hilarious comics

I recently had a rather… unsettling realization about myself some time ago: every good childhood memory I have involves playing some sort of video game or watching some sort of cartoon/anime. Not enjoying these things with someone, mind you, just the enjoyment of the media in itself. Nothing that involves spending time with another, actual, person.

No need to worry about me, by the way, I’ve gotten much better since then – starting from my teenage years, I’ve got plenty of good memories spending time with others. But now I understand why those nostalgic memes about spending your entire childhood playing video games have always rubbed me the wrong way.

Maybe I’m just getting old, or unfairly projecting my own experiences on these dumb memes, but I feel like a happy childhood should involve a lot more than that.

– James