“I can’t believe this guy sold out to become a propaganda mouthpiece!”

– Yellow, after Blue starts suggesting ways to make everything suck less

“Politics” generally refers to the means by which we, as a society, try to determine who wields power and what they should do with that power. So I find it very odd when people make statements like, “I hate how we have to politicize every problem! Why can’t we just get together and solve the issues?”

Because “getting together and solving the issues” is politics – the underlying issue is that a lot of people disagree over how those problems should be solved or disagree that they’re problems in the first place.

But everybody can agree, “Everything sucks!” It’s just so obvious right? And the reason everything sucks so much is because of all those people who spend more time trying to grasp for power and virtue signal instead of actually solving the issues!

Except the moment anyone tries to attempt solving those issues (perhaps, even, by identifying them specifically) they’ve entered into the area of “being political” – and thus, are now just one of those people trying to grasp for power and virtue signal.

Silly them, they should have just kept to doing what everybody agrees with: pointing out that everything sucks! Too bad there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

– James