“Then the righteous answered, ‘Allbrother, when did we see you hungry and give you food? Or thirsty and give you drink? Or a stranger and welcome you? Or naked and clothe you? Or sick and care for you? Or in prison and visit you?’

The Allbrother replied, ‘Oh man, was that not you? Can’t remember a damn thing from that night…’ ”

– Gospel of The Allbrother

The God of Hedonism returns (or rather, is formally introduced), now with a proper name and personality! Also, a new color for Gax’s head, which I just now decided means something. Yellow is their “base form” – when they are interacting directly with you in your current space, time, and dimension.

Black (as shown in the previously linked Divine Plans, as well as Choose Your Character) is when they’re using their “All Sight” – looking at the entirety of space and time at once to share information beyond your current space-time.

And Blue (today’s comic) is for inter-dimensional interactions – all the gods are technically playing at the same time at the same table, but shifted slightly into a different dimension so they can play their games independently. When the gods want to communicate or play with each other, Gax merges the dimensions together.

– James