“Yeah, no, he just does that sometimes. If it’s something important we’ll probably learn it on the way.”

– Ven, after Fae asks if they should be listening

I explained in the commentary of this arc’s previous entry how all the gods are occupying the same spacetime but shifted into alternate dimensions, but I guess writers are supposed to deliver this kind of exposition within the story and not in the supplementary material no one reads.

And on that note, everything Gax is trying to explain at the end is just that, while the games could be kept private, the gods are all still playing within the same world and their decisions can impact each other’s games intentionally or otherwise. Also, just because you choose to play alongside another god doesn’t mean they’re obligated to be on “your side” – so you should be careful who you allow into your personal sessions.  Basic “look both ways before crossing” advice, nothing they can’t figure out themselves.

– James