“I’m sorry, I don’t know if medical negligence and dead babies are sexy enough to work with our line-up. Is she hot at least?”

– Netflix exec turning down the the Forlorn Widow’s story

In my home town, the old medical center was renovated into luxury condo buildings over the past decade. The buildings were around since the 1920s and got pretty run down in its later years – combined with its nifty Art Deco architecture, it was a prime location to earn a “spooky haunted hospital” reputation. And now it’s been revived to be a haunted luxury residential complex!

So of course, it got me wondering how frequent the turnover is for ghosts at a haunted site. Surely, there will eventually be some residents who die in these buildings, some of whom are bound to have unfinished business – do they all just, mingle with the old hospital ghosts? Do they take shifts? Are there only so many ghosts that can haunt a place at a time?

– James