“It’s not a lie if you believe it.”

– a common piece of advice for “outsmarting” Confessors, which every Confessor is already very well aware of

The Privilege of Looting is a legal power afforded to officially recognized Adventurers, allowing them to lay claim to almost any item they come across in their quests. Provided the item in question is not evidently owned by a living, sapient being – or is in the possession of an outlaw or belligerent faction – the Adventurer may “loot” the item with no legal repercussions.

Non-Privileged Civilians without Privilege of Looting must report all unclaimed loot to their nearest Quest Center (usually a nearby inn or tavern) in order to verify whether or not that loot is truly unclaimed. After a designated time period has passed without any official claimants, the NPC who discovered it may then take legal ownership of the item.

– James